Six functions of carpets


Beautify the living environment

Dueto the rich patterns and colors of carpets, the carpeted ground will  integrate with furniture, walls and otherdecorations, to create a harmonious, balanced and comfortable picture,letpeople have a good mood. In a carpeted living room,you will have a comfortableand relaxed feeling, while in a carpeted office, there will be a fresh, elegantand neat feeling. In schools, hospitals or other public places, carpeted groundwill give a feeling of solemnity, calm and tranquility.

Soundabsorption and sound insulation

Carpetshave excellent sound absorption compared to other floor materials, make theinterior more quiet. In office, carpets can absorb noises from telephones andother sources, and it can block the impact sounds and footsteps from theceiling and outdoor stairs and passages.


Whilestepping on the hard ground, people will have a cold feeling on the surface,especially in winter or when wearing thin-soled shoes. Carpets can function asa barrier to the coldness from ground, and also help with saving indoorair-conditioning energy.


Whenwalking on carpets, it is not easy to slip and fall, even if you fall, it isnot easy to be injured, and when fragile items falls on ground, carpets canprevent or reduce the damage.


Walkingon carpets or even better, when there’s soft padding materials underneathcarpets, will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will not feel theshock from the frequent impact between hard ground and hard soles.


Sincethe surface of carpets is a dense pile structure, the dust falling from the airto carpets will stick to the pile, which would prevents it from flying to theoutside. Even walking on dusted carpets, there will be much less dust generatedthan walking on hard ground, which will relatively reduce the dust content inthe air. So carpets will help reduce dust in families, schools, hospitals andpublic places.